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By Cherrlyn Eller

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The Political Junkie’s Journal provides a place for personal discovery and a deeper understanding of the political process and your favorite candidates and/or issues

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Cherrlyn Eller

Cherrlyn Eller is a retired university instructor and former minister’s wife of over 20 years. She has a master’s degree in English Composition and has taught writing and literature for over two and a half decades. She is also a writing coach and consultant for a variety of industries. Along with Cherrlyn’s passion for writing and politics, she has devoted her life to studying wisdom, wellness, and motivation.

Other Books

101 Affirmations for    Being Renewed

Do you want to stop mentally beating up on yourself? Stop giving in to fear, worry, and doubt. Stop looking for happiness from outside yourself. Instead, you are worth the love you can give to yourself. Show the love and speak the love each day. 101 Affirmations for Being Renewed helps you learn to love yourself more than needing the approval of others or wanting to be liked by others. The affirmations help counteract the negative you have allowed coming into your life over the years. They can help you practice refilling yourself with positive thoughts. They can help fill your heart with love, peace, and happiness.

Renewed: A Daybook for Finding You Again

Worn out from struggling to regain a sense of self as you’re growing older in a youth-obsessed culture? Don’t let society make you feel invisible. Discover the seven secrets to life-changing renewal. Free yourself to be the best new you. Imagine who you can become. Imagine the best new you.  Renewed: A Daybook for Finding You Again is for women who want to regain their happiness, confidence, and motivation. It brings together seven vital areas to help women see life-changing improvements and to renew and reinvent themselves.

         The Women’s Code       of Wisdom

Do you need inspiration for transforming your life? Are you ready to make better decisions, develop lasting relationships, and gain more self-confidence? The Women’s Code of Wisdom is for you. Its advice from ancient Proverbs empowers women to find their passion and become their best. It gives the guidance system you need. Its unique approach to the book of Proverbs offers daily insights. It’s full of transforming advice you can easily apply each day. Our world has natural built in codes, such as gravity. It also has a code of wisdom for life. This book reveals it.


What gets me down won’t keep me down.

~ Cherrlyn Eller

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